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Dear Exporter!

Our company «Astro Toys LTD» is a importer of toys on the russian market.

Our main toys is:

Sport items: Bikes, Balls, Toys for water.Rope skipping
For little baby:Bells and whistley
Dolls, Playset, dolls house,tableware, kitchen, doctor set,weapon and guns (air BB gun, cap gun,water gun,b/o gun).
B/O toys: Mobile phones on the russian language, walkie-talkie, Train, Robots,Radio control,wire control and infra red control toys.
Education toys and games.

Manufacturers and exporters with good prices welcome! please send your offer:

Via E-mail:import@astrotoys.ru or send the catalouge to:

Astro Toys LTD
109428, ul 2ya Institutskaya d 4/41